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Cover Letter Sample of Flight Engineer Position

Flight Engineer position will be your dream career. Today, many commercial aircraft desires three crew members to handle myriad of tasks and active processes. That’s why the FAA desires FE throughout all commercial both domestic and international routes, therefore you have got a large chance to hitch this job. FE needs to check outside the airplane, inside the airplane, in flight and upon landing. the outside airplane is checked by examining a number of essential flight safety components such as checking for fluid leaks, examining the wheels and tires and ton more. Meanwhile the interior check includes execute all pre-flight cockpit checks and sets up all switches necessary for pre-start and start-up. The FE monitors all aircraft engineering components go with airplane once airborne. It will be said that the FE takes accountable to respond to any malfunction. when landing the FE checks once more a post-flight, guaranteeing the airplane is secured and already came upon for a next crew hand-off evolution. then the FE needs to complete all the paperwork for the airplane company.

Flight Engineer Cover Letter

Richard Black
12 East 34 Streets,
Lane Avenue, Boston, 56789,
(098)-765 4321.

Mr. Matt Robinson,
Luxury Holiday Hotel,
98 West 56 Streets,
Lane Avenue, Boston, 56789,
(098)-765 4321.

Dear Mr. Robinson,

I read your advertisement on vacancy.com for flight engineer position. I dare myself to write this letter to apply that job. I have a genuine interest on this position. I have enclosed my resume for your consideration.

As my resume showed, I have more than four years experience in airline field. During my previous career I learned to monitor aircraft such as pressurization, fueling etc. XYZ Airlines is my dream company where I want to utilize my skills and experience.

Please contact me at above number for the possibility to arrange an interview as per your convenience.

Thank you for your consideration and time.


Richard White

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