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Fire Chief Cover Letter

To have a career in Fire Chief Departement, you probably need this Fire Chief Cover Letter Samples, and dont forgot to checkout our Fire Chief Resume Samples.

Fire Chief Position Cover Letter

Jason Smith,

12 East 34 Streets,
New Jersey, MA 56789,
(098)-765 4321.

Date: 1st September, 2010

Mr. Richard Anderson,

ABC Company,
98 West 56 Streets,
New Jersey, MA 56789,
(098)-765 4321

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I am submitting the enclosed resume for consideration of the post of the Fire Chief, which appeared in one of the leading newspaper. I have handsome experience in this field that would contribute to your organization.

I have worked in XYZ Company for 3 years. There I used to observe that all the workers at fire are performing their duties in an efficient way or not. I can easily find out solutions on reported fire case, gas leaks and other dangerous conditions.

I would appreciate your consideration of my credentials. I am available for a personal interview at your convenience, and I will be in contact with you to arrange for a time to meet with you.

Thanks for your consideration.


Jason Smith

Added : 29th March 2011
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