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Executive Housekeeper Cover Letter Sample

In order to be a successful people we need to own proper skills and education, as well as an govt housekeeper. This job position wants a people to handle high levels of staff turnover that is common among the cleaning trade. sturdy organizational, management and communication skills are very helpful on this job field. As a housekeeper you should work indoors and outdoors and typically ought to take care of hazardous materials, as well as bodily waste and cleaning chemicals. Besides that, as a housekeeper you will be asked to work evenings, weekends or holidays. Having solely skills certain won’t enough to handle this job, though most govt housekeeper require no formal training however it'll be useful to own some experience in HVAC repairs, safe material handling and cleaning procedures. you'll also get certifications from a related institute like the International govt Housekeeping Association for an example. This program will train workers in business and management and specific cleaning-related fields as well. Below is a cowl letter sample which will be used to apply this job.

Cindy Perkin,

12 East 34 Streets,
Lane Avenue, Boston, 56789,
(098)-765 4321.

Mr. Logan Anderson,
Luxury Holiday Hotel,
98 West 56 Streets,
Lane Avenue, Boston, 56789,
(098)-765 4321.

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I found your ads for the employment opportunities as an executive housekeeper on jobvacancy.com few days ago. I am very interested on this job position and please accept this as my application letter.

I have more than five years housekeeping experience both as the maid and maid service supervisor at Palace Hotel. During my job I have been well regarded and have excellent training. I strongly believe that I can be a great asset to your company.

I am looking forward to meeting you in person for further discussion about openings for the post of executive housekeeper. Please call me to set up a time for meeting as per your convenience.

Thank you for your consideration and time.


Cindy Perkin

Added : 15th April 2011
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