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Cover Letter Sample Business Teacher

You may interest to hitch a job as a coach and if business is your major you'll try and make it come back true by sending an application to urge into this position. Before coming into this job you would like to prepare yourself, that’s why we are going to give you a brief clarification concerning the duty description of a business teacher. As a coach you have got to prepare and deliver lectures to students on topic like money accounting, principles of selling and operation management; evaluate and grade student’s assignments, papers and sophistication work; maintain student attendance records, grades and other records; advise students on academic and vocational curricula; choose materials and provides like as textbooks; participate in campus and community events; and so on. Well, we have a tendency to hope with this short information you'll get to know additional concerning business teacher duties. Below may be a free cowl letter sample that you just can use to apply this job.

Business Teacher Cover Letter Sample

Monica Grant,

12 East 34 Streets,
New Jersey, MA 56789,
(098)-765 4321.

Date: 1st September, 2010

Mr. John Clarkson,

Business School of New Jersey
98 West 56 Streets,
New Jersey, MA 56789,
(098)-765 4321.

Dear Mr. Clarkson,

I noticed your job opening for a business teacher on vacancy.com. Please accept this as my formal application letter for this job. I possess B.Ed Specialize in business laws and ethics. I believe that I have the qualifications to be a teacher.

I have enclosed my resume for your consideration. I would love to have an opportunity to work with you and your staff. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and I am very interested to discuss about my skills and qualification by meeting you in person.

Please contact me to arrange the interview as per your convenience.

Thank for your time and consideration.


Monica Grant

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